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Kelly is one of the most famous R&B singers in this country, but his career has been plagued by multiple accusations of sexual misconduct with minors.

In the recent documentary titled ‘Surviving R. Kelly,’ several of his accusers speak out and tell their stories of what he did to them. Here are a few responses from students about the Robert Kelly case.

Junior Destiny Evans believes Kelly is guilty.

“I heard he’s a complete pedophile,” Evans said.

Senior Naeem Davidson

“I hate him. I cannot find any comparison for a monster like him.”

Junior Phillip Hatfield

“I feel like R. Kelly is a really sick man. Unfortunately, I don’t think he will go to jail.”

Junior Sofia Christophel-Lichte, President of Young democrats, believes he should receive repercussions.

“I sure hope he does,” Christophel-Lichte said.

Sophomore Sasha Forniss is astounded at Kelly and believes his crimes are heinous.

“It’s horrible what R. Kelly has done to these women, but I think it always raises

awareness and helping those who have been in abusive relationships to stand up and know that they are not alone,” Forniss said.

Senior Isaiah Long elaborates on his point of view on Kelly and his crimes.

“Personally, I’ve never even payed attention to Kelly or his genre of music. However, I believe in today’s political climate, regarding social justice, it’s going to be very hard for R. Kelly to shake this dent on his career. I think today, with all the rape allegations going around between celebrities and random strangers you’ve never heard of before, it’s dangerous for any/every male celebrity, regardless of race,” Long said.

-Zach Aigbe