Kavanaugh named Justice opposing opinion


Brett Kavanaugh has worked his whole life to get where he is today. He was just confirmed as the newest Supreme Court Justice. Kavanaugh graduated from Yale Law School in 1990 and began his legal career as a law clerk then was a lawyer for the Kirkland and Ellis LLP, the world’s highest grossing law firm. Then in June 2006, he was sworn in as a U.S. Circuit judge. Despite his achievements, Kavanaugh was almost not confirmed as a Supreme Court justice because of events that supposedly occurred in high school.

Kavanaugh is being accused of sexual assault by former high school classmate, Christine Blasey Ford. Though she does not remember where it happened, what time it happened, how she got there, how she got home, with no witnesses agreeing with her, and she was under the influence of alcohol, she claims to be “100 percent certain” Kavanaugh was on top of her and groping her. The FBI probe that was released showed no new evidence and no corroboration according to Senate Judiciary Congress Chairman Chuck Grassley. This is making Republican swing voters lean more towards confirming Kavanaugh.

Many people question the credibility of Ford’s story.  Ford claims she took a polygraph test, without any preparation before, to prove she was not lying. Her ex-boyfriend, in a sworn statement, claims Ford helped a friend prepare for a polygraph exam even though she said in court she had never helped anyone with a polygraph test. The ex-boyfriend, also thought it was odd that she had never brought up the sexual assault allegations to him during their relationship. In testimony, Ford also said she does not like to fly, even though it was proven that she often flies and that she flew to D.C. for the trial.

There is no proven evidence against Justice Kavanaugh but most people just assume he is guilty due to biases news reporting. In the United States, people are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but since these allegations were spread most people just assume he is guilty.

Justice Kavanaugh’s reputation has been destroyed in an attempt to not allow a conservative leaning judge on the Supreme Court. The whole ordeal seems like a smear campaign against Kavanaugh and the Republicans to make them look bad before the midterm elections, that seems to have backfired due to President Trump’s spike in approval.

Michael Grueninger