NCHSLive Endorses School Board Candidates


Based on our research and interviews with all four candidates for Washington Township school board, the NCHS Live! staff endorses Don Kite and Bill Turner. We join the Washington Township Parent Council and teacher’s union in our decision.

We believe that Kite and Turner’s experience and history with Washington Township schools make them most suitable to continue to lead our township in the right direction for the next two years.

Both candidates were members of the school board when the referendum was passed in 2016 and have seen this development through. Their vision and input are very important in carrying out the great promise of the opportunity from the 2016 referendum.

Turner is a graduate of North Central and both have been deeply involved in the district, having children come through the schools and family work in the district. There is no doubt that they both have deep roots in Washington Township and will have the districts best interests in mind.

These candidates have been present and contributed to the greatness of this township and recognize Washington Township’s position as a leader in Indianapolis and the state of Indiana.

In the election between Kite and Alexandra Curlin, though both candidates plan to bring some positive change to the district, we believe that Kite’s experience and commitment to the township makes him the best candidate. He has already made great contributions to the district and is a trustworthy representative to help further the success of our students.

Curlin is a motivated candidate who does have some viable plans in order to increase student achievement by focusing on individualized learning. However, her involvement with private and charter schools does raise some red flags. We also disagree that Washington Township is in decline. Research regularly shows our schools are at the top of the county for academic achievement from year to year. Even national polls show NC as one of the top high schools in the state. While we can always do better, it is not fair to not recognize the incredible achievements our school makes on an annual basis.

In the other election between Turner and Jason Welch, we believe that once again, Turner’s experience makes him the best option. His focus on building community and involving the entirety of the township is also an important factor in electing Turner as a member of the board. Turner has given us no reason to consider him no longer capable of continuing to do the job.

Welch, having a background in law enforcement and safety, provides a perspective that could be beneficial especially in today’s age of school violence. However, his lack of experience and lack of concern with other aspects of student education is concerning. He is, though, a candidate to keep an eye on for the future.

Throughout the week, we will be airing interviews with each of the four candidates on our “Latest Things” show with Liam Thompson. Hopefully, these will help you make your decision about the future of the school board.

No matter who you support in this election, make sure to get out and vote next Tuesday Nov 6.