Indoor tennis courts coming soon


The potential place of the indoor tennis courts. The locations could either be a softball field or the Northview teacher parking lot.

The Barbara S. Wynne Tennis Center currently has 32 courts, two mini-courts and a tennis house equipped with offices, locker rooms and an observation deck. The tennis program plans on building an additional facility within the next couple years. Dan Brunette, the current boys tennis head coach, is helping oversee the project.

“The plan right now is an eight court indoor facility with a mezzanine in the middle and bathrooms on the upper level,” Brunette said, “Some kind of training room and offices on the bottom level and an entryway that would promote history of tennis at North Central and in Indianapolis.”

All funding for the new facility is completely private and donations have already been made.

“Right now we have three million dollars in pledges. We are at the point where we need one and a half million more, so we are at about 66 percent of what we need raised,” Brunette said.

The location of the new building is currently under speculation, but a few sites are being proposed. Since North Central is planning to do some renovations and changes to the campus in it’s NC ‘22 project, the proposed sites hinge on those changes.

“The proposal right now is either where the Northview parking lot is or where the closest softball field to the existing tennis courts are,” Brunette said.

The main goal of the facility is for use during all seasons, especially in the winter when the weather is cold and snowy. Brunette also says it will be used during the summer to keep the facility running with operation costs.

More than just the school tennis teams will have access to the new tennis house. Brunette mentioned that the National Junior Tennis League, middle school teams, and the community in general will have access to the facility.

This new project is close to one-of-a-kind in the state of Indiana.

“Jasper High School has around three of their own indoor courts. There are other high schools around the country with facilities like this but none this large,” Brunette said.

Alek Shahbaz and Lily Manring