Teacher Spotlight: Michael Frucci


Michael Frucci has been teaching at the high school for five years before that he was a student teacher at North Central.

On Frucci’s first day of student teaching, he had a traumatic incident, he cut his leg with an exacto blade. Frucci ended up going to the hospital to get stitches. Despite a scarring accident Frucci still loves ceramics, he teaches beginning ceramics, advanced ceramics, intro to art and he helps the AP/IB kids.
In high school Frucci realized that he wanted to be an art teacher.

“We had a program called cadette teaching, where you could go observe an elementary school teachers and help them. I really fell in love with it then,” Frucci said.

Besides art, Frucci loves cooking and anything outdoors. His favorite favorite type of art is ceramics. Frucci is currently trying to throw bigger (making larger forms on a wheel) and making a five foot pot.