Snow days are better than two hour delays


This winter’s bad weather has had a major effect on school. The ice and snow make the roads dangerous to drive on and bring in the necessity of either delaying the school’s starting time, or having a snow day (cancelling a school day). When there is a delay, school starts at 9:20 am instead of 7:20 am.

I feel snow days are better than two hour delays when there is ice on the road. It puts people at risk, or when it is so cold it is dangerous for students to be outside. If the conditions aren’t too extreme outside, I feel that delays are better, because they allow me to catch up on sleep while still going to school and practice. The extended two hours from a delay help me with my lack of sleep due to staying up late from practice and procrastinating on my homework. With snow days I enjoy that it helps me catch up on sleep, but I hate how it cancels track practice.

Delays still allow students to be productive and learn at school but are also beneficial for teachers. Delays allow materials to be covered better in classes compared to losing a day or more of learning/teaching and it being rushed and hard to compensate.

With one or two snow days happening most classes are fine, but when three or more happen in a row, it throws off the schedule of what and how we learn material. This makes it much more difficult to learn important information, especially in advanced classes. Also a huge reason why delays are better is because they do not add school days onto summer break like snow days do.