Social media bullying a common problem amongst high schoolers


As technology has become more prominent in our society, the use of social media has exploded. Students are communicating with others through technology more than ever before. Though social media allows for easy communication with other, many have utilized social media for the wrong reasons.
Social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat have provided a hotspot for cyber-bullying. These online platforms enable people to share hurtful comments, spread rumors and post false information regarding others.
The major problem with cyber-bullying is that disagreements can not be resolved in a manner similar to personal encounters. Specifically young people are commenting hurtful words on other’s profiles without even thinking about the consequences. More often than not, leading many to type phrases that they would never say to a person in real life.
Cyber bullies are hiding behind a screen and attacking others, but it is difficult to understand why. Though it may sound sinister, some bully others on social media just because they are searching for entertainment; seeking an argument to take part in. Some already have personal problems with others, therefore leading them to use social media as another way to voice their hatred for one another.
The dilemma regarding cyber bullying is absolutely unecessary. People need to realize that if you have a problem with somebody, then address it with them in person rather than going to social media. Though people may not realize it, just one hurtful comment could affect another in a way that nobody can expect.