Are cell phone providers and the school administration in cahoots?


A common complaint heard throughout the hallways of North Central is about the wifi. The quintessential first world problem, the lack of wifi is a fact of life at North Central that is much to the chagrin of most students. Not only is the wifi spotty at best, but also a lot of the apps we as millennials hold so dear are blocked. In order to use SnapChat, Instagram or Twitter a student must either download a VPN or use their data.

There are valid reasons for the administration to do things this way. The aforementioned apps tend to occupy the attention of people between the age of 12-24. However, an hour of each day (passing periods and lunch) is spent not in a classroom, students who want to use social media can not.

What if school wifi is not limited just because of the distractions they pose? What if the school and the cell phone providers are in cahoots?

I believe the administration is missing out on a lucrative money making opportunity. If the administration were to offer an unlocked wifi option, I guarantee they would make a noticeable profit.

If the administration were to sell a wifi at the beginning of the year for $15 I guarantee they would sell at least 1000 units. That’s $15,000 that could be used for a variety of things including wifi.

Just a suggestion for the administration. Do with the information in whatever way you see fit. However, if the administration is in cahoots with the cell phone providers, just know I’m onto you.