Choirs Prepare for Upcoming Show Choir Season with a Preview Show


The North Central Descants and Counterpoints put on a free preview show on Thursday night. The goal of the show was for the awards winning choirs to get in practice before their first competition on Saturday.

“We’ve been working on it since the beginning of January,” sophomore Anika Dean said.

The choirs practice multiple times a week to perfect their sets to ensure a successful season. Each set consists of five songs, and each choir performs one set.

“The more practice we get the more comfortable people will get with being

on the stage,” Dean said.

The performances were a snapshot of what the programs will be bringing to the major competitions, including state.

“Descants was super super good and all the choirs were really impressive,” senior Cici Waterman said.

The practice performance greatly helped the choir members prepare for what will come during their competitions. They now know what they need to work on in order to improve their sets.

“I think it was good but Saturday will be better because we have better costumes and with the costumes we will be much better,” Isaac Weber said.

The audience at the concert was very high, partly because the concert was free but also because the Westlane Middle School Bluettes performed prior to the North Central Choirs. Their performance allowed for audience members to experience multiple levels of choral ability.