Winter One Acts Preview


Winter One Acts is one of North Central’s most famous annual traditions. Student actors and directors are excited as they prepare for this year’s productions with confidence.

“I’m excited for this year’s One Acts because since I’ve been at North Central this is the first time the plays have been about a rich and good story and less about a deep intellectual meaning. I thoroughly enjoy colorful characters and plot,” student director Mason Perry said.

Cast members also agree that this year’s plays will stand out from previous years’.

“It’s always different each year, that’s pretty obvious. But I think that what makes this year different is the amount of passion people have for the shows we’re putting on. I’m sure previous cast members were excited to perform, but this year, it seems like it has become a really big deal for everyone,” cast member Miles Williams said.

All of the actors and directors hold big responsibilities for each production. They will be performing two comedies and one drama.

“The first act, Jekyll and Hyde, is a 50 minute drama. The second two, Honeymoon Motel and Next Door, are both comedies and each one is 20 Minutes long,” Perry said. “Jekyll and Hyde is about a man with a split personality disorder. Honeymoon motel is a play by Woody Allen. It’s a British farce about a very Jewish wedding. The play takes place in a motel on the side of a highway. It’s hilarious and a mess. Next Door is about a nine-year-old boy who is left alone in his apartment one night while his parents and brother go out. During this he hears his neighbors, a very aggressive young couple, fighting. Gunshots are heard and it is up to the boy to find out what is happening with the couple.”

The cast members are particularly passionate about this year because of the bond they all form together.

“I’d have to say rehearsals are my favorite thing about One Acts. Sure, the final performance will be incredible. But it wouldn’t be anything without the cast. We all love hanging out with each other during rehearsals, and there’s never a dull moment. I feel so close to my other cast members, and our director, Mason Perry, makes it feel like fun, not useless memorization,” Williams said.

One Acts will be performed in the performing arts classroom on Thursday, February 23 at 7 p.m. and Friday, February 24 at 4 p.m.