Election 2016: Neither for President


Over the past few months there has been a lot of talk and debate over which candidate is the better option for the country at this point in time. I believe that neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump are worth voting for. I am glad I cannot vote in this election because I would have a very hard time deciding who to vote for. Both candidates have said or done things that make me very skeptical about their abilities to run the country.

This election is a very important one, with many major problems surrounding the United States, we need a strong leader. I see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as people who just want to win the presidency to say that they won. I believe that neither candidate knows what they are going to do once they are in the White House.

I cannot fully support either candidate, but I think that every person who can vote should vote. If I was able to vote, I would very reluctantly vote for Hillary Clinton. I have reservations about both candidates, but Hillary Clinton has political experience which will be necessary to run the country successfully.

I wonder why this country sees these two candidates as the strongest political contenders we have. Whoever wins the election will have to prove themself and their ideas to me before I can believe in the future of American politics.