Homecoming Week in Review


Homecoming week at North Central seems to be played down a great deal compared to other high schools in our area.

A reasonable amount of people dress up for spirit week, but not everyone. There are some students who go all out in an attempt to win Spirit King and Queen. I personally don’t participate and dress up everyday for spirit week because I don’t ever have the energy to put time into my outfits. I previously have just grabbed whatever I have in my closet for that day and if I don’t have anything specific, then I choose not to dress up for the day.

The pep rally during tenth period before the Homecoming game gets all of the student body rallied up and excited for the big game. However, I think that it could be made a bigger deal. The big game on Friday is huge, with the student section, banners at half-time, overwhelming school spirit, dancing, cheers, and music from our band. Homecoming is a great way for our school to show our school spirit.  

The Saturday night after the game is the Homecoming Dance put together by the student council. I do not normally go to the dance but this year I am going because a bunch of my friends are going and they told me it’s a fun night to dance around, socialize and eat.  

Overall, I think that if we made a bigger deal of Homecoming Week, our whole school would be more involved, and there would be even more school spirit then there already is.