State Fair Bucket List


Celebrating its bicentennial, the Indiana State Fair 2016 officially kicks off August 5 and comes to and end August 21. With all of the fun stuff to get in at the fair, here’s a list of stuff to make sure you get in on your state fair trip.

  1. “Don’t be a Zombie, Be Prepared”: This all new zombie apocalypse simulator has been opened at the State Fair. The walk-through maze and video game was designed to prepare families for real-life disasters and possibly a zombie apocalypse.
  2. EAT: There are tons of food stands and trucks held at the fair. If you’re willing to try famous fair foods like deep-fried oreos, elotes, elephant ears, donut burgers and pulled pork cheese fries, make sure to grab something to eat during your visit.
  3. Barns and Livestock: Rabbits, cows, chickens, pigs, sheep and even more animals will be at the fair for your close-up experience. There is also a Livestock Nursery where you are able to witness calves being born.
  4. Pokemon Hunt: The State Fair is home to 32 pokestops, four gyms, and lure modules are placed everywhere. See this as a good opportunity to gain XP and catch rare Pokemon.
  5. Small Concerts: Seventeen days of free concerts for tons of small bands and artists will be held as well as concerts for bigger bands such as The Fray.
  6. Light up the night Illuminated Tractor Parade and Hot Air Balloon Night Glow: At 9 p.m. a parade with decorated tractors and trucks will be held as well as a glowing hot air balloon show, which is the perfect way to end your long day at the fair.
  7. Reptile Show: If you’re interested in learning about unique reptiles, don’t miss The Reptile show being hosted with only a $5 admission cost.
  8. Rides: There are 54 rides total at the State Fair. Grab some of your friends and enjoy Thrill rides like The FreakOut or slower rides like the Ferris wheel.
  9. Games: The Indiana State Fair is home to hundreds of game stands. Test your skills to win giant plush animals and other goodies.
  10. Go-Karts: Daily from noon to 9 p.m., the Go-Kart race track will be open for families interested in racing each other.