Six Sunny Suggestions: Things to Do on Sunny Days


1. Visit a park: There are many beautiful local parks that you can visit on those warm sunny days such as Holiday Park, Marott Park, White River State Park, etc. At the park you could go on hikes on the nature trails, have a picnic, throw a frisbee, play on the playground, or just simply soak up some UV rays.

2. Go out for ice cream: A favorite sunny day treat for many is none other than ice cream. This sweet snack can be found at popular places such as Brics, Graeters, Baskin Robins, Orange Leaf, Huddles, or even your own freezer. Gather some friends and TREAT yourself.

3. Go on a bike ride: Riding bikes on sunny days doesn’t have to just be a childhood activity. Bike rides with friends can be really fun and a great source of exercise and transportation. Whether you’re just bored or trying to get somewhere, a bike can be a fun solution to your problem.

4. Go camping out back: On those weekends when it seems like there is absolutely nothing fun to do, think about pitching a tent in your own backyard. A good idea for a weekend “staycation” is gathering a group of friends, setting up a tent in one of your backyards, and having a campout. Don’t forget the marshmallows and graham crackers!

5. Go on a road trip: If a “staycation” isn’t your cup of tea, consider taking a road trip. Getting out of town with a bunch of your closest friends can be a great relief from the stress of life and school. Michigan City, King’s Island, Bloomington, and Chicago are options that are a bunch of fun and just close enough for parents to consider. Pack the car with snacks and take a day trip somewhere fun and adventurous, be that in Indiana or a close state.

6. Go shopping for summer clothes: The warm weather can make students eager for the summer season. When the temperature starts to rise clothing stores start displaying their trendiest shorts, tanks, sun dresses and sandals. To cure the summer fever go shopping and buy clothes that you want to wear in all the warm weather.