Q&A with Best Buddies


TNL: How long have you done Best Buddies?

Zoe Pfeiffer: I have done Best Buddies for five years now. I started my 8th grade year at

TNL: What do you want people that aren’t in best buddies to know?

ZP: I want people to know what an awesome opportunity Best Buddies is. Best Buddies has
brightened so many of my days, brought me so many laughs, and some of my best friends
in high school. Why wouldn’t you want to join a club that just makes your day better?

TNL: What time does the game start Friday?

ZP: The game starts around 7:15pm. We won’t have an exact time until that night because we
will start when the boys JV game ends.

TNL: What team are they playing?

ZP: We were supposed to play Pike’s Best Buddies Chapter but they are no longer able to
come. So, we will have two teams of North Central Best Buddies

TNL: Who is the starting line up?

ZP: I don’t know the starting line up yet. Mrs. Zwickel is our coach so she will help us determine
the starting line up as well as who is switching in and when.

TNL: How has practice been going?

ZP: Practices have been great! We have had two so far and they have both been really
awesome. We have practiced dribbling, shooting, and passing. They have both been a blast
and I can’t wait for Friday night!

TNL: Any other details about the game you want students to know?

ZP: I want students to come to the game! It is always such a great night and it means so much
to all of us to be supported by the school. If you see a player in the halls after the game,
congratulate them! The support of NC students really take this event to the next level.