Branigan Interview: School Violence


With the recent increase in mass shootings and violence, some students begin to worry about their safety at North Central. NCHSLive! interviewed Principal Evans Branigan III to get his take on this growing issue.

Recent events have created a stir within North Central. The most recent of those being the arrest of Cameron Tibbs, a senior, who was arrsted after allegedly killing 31-year-old David Bowman with a gun. This event has brought the issue of violence close to home.

While students have had gun issues outside of school, NC has also seen trouble with guns on school grounds.

“We had a student who had a weapon in a vehicle in the student parking lot,” Branigan said.

Branigan is referring to North Central alumna Steven Bartlett who brought a gun to school and left it in his car last school year.

“Yes, we have had students who have made poor decisions, who have either brought things and left them in their locker or left them in the parking lot. Those objects go from a handgun to a knife, I’ve had a student who brought a hatchet,” Branigan said.

Branigan explained that the protocol for a gun or weapon issue at school would be to evacuate sectors of the building based on where the issue was located. The school has the power to call individual classrooms to give specific instructions in case of an incident. School disciplinary officers and IMPD officers are also on hand should an incident occur.

Violence at NC does not just fall under weapon violence. Fist fighting has also been an issue that schools face.

“We suspend for physical altercations, we expel for physical altercations,” Branigan said.

Branigan says that most physical altercations start as verbal fights. Branigan urges students in verbal fights to talk out their issues in private.

“The worst thing you can do, depending on your level of communication, is have the conversation in front of classmates and those who edge it on and encourage it,” Branigan said.

Branigan wishes to keep the hallways and school grounds safe, and keep violence of any sort out of North Central’s atmosphere.