Senior Assassin 2016


Senior assassin has been an NC tradition for many years. Now, it is the class of 2016’s chance to play in the game.

The guidelines are simple. Each senior is paired with a target. They have to “kill” or shoot their target with a water gun within 10 days or else they will be eliminated. In return, each senior is a target to someone else. This continues until one is left standing. Each senior who wants to play pays money, all of which contributes to the final winner’s earnings.

The game is run and organized by seniors Emily Sanner and JJ Kroot. This year, there are high hopes for a large number of seniors to enter the challenge.

“We are hoping that at least 250 seniors sign up,” Sanner said. “There are already 120 people that have paid after two days.”

Many of the seniors that have already signed up are excited to start the competition.

“I decided to enter senior assassin because it’s a senior tradition,” senior Emily Boomershine said. “I look forward to winning.”

Second semester means graduation, summer and college to look forward to for seniors. In order to keep their minds from wandering, senior assassin helps seniors live in the moment.

“I think it is important to continue the tradition of senior assassin because it is a tradition and because it’s a fun thing for second semester seniors that have senioritis to do,” Sanner said.

Senior assassin will officially begin on Monday, February 15.